Q: What sort of misconduct does SCI investigate?

A: SCI investigates misappropriation of funds, sexual abuse of students, conflicts of interest and any other criminal or unethical conduct that hinders the public schools from functioning effectively.

Q: Whom does SCI investigate?

A: Our job is to keep the schools free of crime and corruption at every level of the system. Therefore, SCI investigates anyone who works on school sites or in administrative offices as well as anyone doing business with the New York City School District.

Q: How long do investigations take?

A: Speed is one of our main priorities, and some investigations are completed within weeks of the initial complaint. However, many investigations require time-consuming tasks such as gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses. Therefore, large-scale investigations can take months to complete.

Q: How can I help?

A: If you suspect corruption or crime affecting the school system, your school district, or your school, call us at (212) 510-1500 or submit a complaint through our website.

Q: Will my job be protected against retaliation if I report wrongdoing?

A: Absolutely. The Department of Education’s “whistleblower protection” resolution guarantees job protection for any employee who reports corruption or wrongdoing to SCI.

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