September 27, 2017
A report detailing the findings of an investigation into the enrollment of Deputy Mayor Richard R. Buery's two sons into DOE elementary and middle schools in Brooklyn in 2014

November 9, 2016
A report detailing the findings of the death of a seven year -old student Noelia-Lisa Echavarria.
August 17, 2015
A report detailing an investigation which found Wei Liu, an OSI Confidential Investigator, made inaccurate statements and drew inaccurate conclusions in an OSI substantiated investigation.
July 6, 2015
A report detailing the findings of an investigation into the circumstances of the accidental death of Dyasha Phelps Smith, who attended P368@P293 in Brooklyn.
May 15, 2015
A report detailing the complaints about Department odf Education schoolchildren who were left unsupervised in a variety of circumstances.
February 18, 2015
A report detailing the findings of an investigation into a student missing from a Special Education School in Brooklyn.
November 25, 2014
A report detailing the findings of an investigation concerning a meeting held at P.S. 66 in Brooklyn sponsored by Communication Workers of America in which Mayor de Blasio spoke on the evening of July 14, 2014.
November 20, 2014
A report detailing the findings of an investigation into the hiring of Sean Shaynak, a teacher assigned to Brooklyn Technical HS, who is accused of comitting various crimes against student victims.
August 12, 2014
An investigation found 21-year old Steven Walters, an aide in an after school program in PS 300, sexually abused two eight-year-old female students at the school.
July 31, 2014
A former Principal, Robert Hannibal, assigned to JHS 145 in the Bronx was arrested for the misappropriation of more than $20,000 from a school bank account
July 21, 2014
A report detailing an investigation into allegations of cheating prior to the death of Omotayo Adeoye at the HS for Mathematics, Science and Engineering at City College
July 16, 2014
A report detailing an investigation into an incident at IS 117 in the Bronx regarding allegations that staff members at the school failed to respond to reports that student Noel Estevez was "bullied" by Timothy Crump and others at the school
June 26, 2014
A report detailing an investigation into an incident at Beacon High School in Manhattan, where two students were injured during a Science experiment
March 27, 2014
A report detailing an investigation related to the disappearance of Avonte Oqundo, an Autistic 14-year-old male student at P277 - also known as the Riverview School - in Queens
March 11, 2014
An investigation found Cheon Park and his Company, Bilingual SEIT & Preschool, Inc. defrauded the Federal government, NY State, and NYC through contracts with the NYC DOE
March 6, 2014
An investigation found Assistant Principal Patricia Sabater and Guidance Counselor Rebeca Shaffren, assigned to PS 219 in Brooklyn, mishandled a sexual abuse complaint made by an 11-year-old female student involving male students
February 18, 2014
An investigation found time and attendance abuse at PS 106 in Queens involving the Principal Marcella Sills and former Assistant Principal Tonya West
February 4, 2014
An investigation found that Lawrence Scott, an investigator assigned to the DOE Office of Special Investigations, engaged in a personal sexual text message relationship with Natalya Sokolson, a teacher assigned to PS 329, while investigating allegations against Sokolson
January 21, 2014
An investigation found that Teacher James Burke, formerly assigned to PS 69 on Staten Island, anonymously reported false allegations against witnesses and other DOE employees
October 24, 2013
An investigation found that Principal Angelyn Donald, assigned to PS 386 in the Bronx, failed to report observations made by a classmate of a female student being victimized by their male teacher
September 24, 2013
An investigation of the circumstances surrounding the death of Jean Fritz Pierre who drowned during a class trip to Bear Mountain State Park on June 24, 2013
September 04, 2013  
An investigation found that in the summer of 2009, William Abreu a DOE assistant principal forcibly raped a 17-year-old female recent Progress High graduate in his school office and Juan Martinez an after school program employee, forced a 16-year-old female student to perform oral sex on him in his office at Program High.
July 30, 2013
An investigation found that Malik Taylor, a community associate and dean assigned to the Business of Sports School in Manhattan, had sexual relationships with four female students from the school.
April 25, 2013  
Findings of allegations of misconduct made against personnel at IS 49 on Staten Island, the Berta Dreyfus School.
December 20, 2012  
An investigation found Vaughn McKinney, a teacher assigned to IS 59 in Queens, had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old female student.
December 19, 2012  
An investigation found Thomasina Chappell, a DOE clerical associate, accepted bribes from a vendor.
December 11, 2012  
An investigation found that several IBM consultants, who were contracted by the DOE to work on the Internet Protocol Digital Video Surveillance project ("IPDVS"), misused DOE time and property while on assignment.
September 18, 2012  
An investigation found that Universal Pre-K vendor Nareesa Mohammed, owner of Nareesa's Day Care Sites, and Saied Mohammed, owner of Beanstalk sites, defrauded the DOE out of more than $35,000.
September 5, 2012  
An investigation found that 36-year-old Absent Teacher Reserve (known as ATR) Teacher Daniel Meahger committed misconduct at several schools and at an office in Brooklyn.
August 17, 2012  
An investigation found that Nelson Ruiz defrauded the DOE out of more than $1,000,000 over a two year period for services never provided.
June 20, 2012  
An investigation found that assistant principal William Abreu, assigned to Progress High School in Brooklyn, made inappropriate sexual remarks to three female students at the school.
May 31, 2012  
An investigation found that Teacher Erin Sayar, assigned to James Madison High School in Brooklyn, had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old male student.
May 30, 2012  
An investigation found that Teacher Michael Aquino, assigned to George Westinghouse High School in Brooklyn, made inappropriate comments to students and touched a female student in a manner which made her feel uncomfortable.
March 27, 2012  
An investigation found that Executive Director Angel Namnum, assigned to the Division of Finance at the DOE, devised a scheme for his wife, Rosa Castillo, to be hired
March 12, 2012  
An investigation found that former NYC school system teacher Hyman Rosenberg's widow continued to receive pension payments after he passed away
February 28, 2012  
An investigation found that DOE vendor Summit Restaurant Repairs, Inc submitted fraudulent documents in order to avoid financial penalties
February 15, 2012
An investigation found that Melissa Dean, a teacher assigned to PS 143 in Queens, used the students in her class to send handmade holiday cards to her friend, John Coccarelli, a convicted felon
January 11, 2012  
An investigation found that the Principal, Liza Cruz Diaz, assigned to PS 31 in the Bronx, directed payroll secretary to punch time card hours after she left in which she received thousands of dollars in per session pay for work she did not perform
January 10, 2012  
An investigation found that teacher, Mona Lisa Tello, assigned to the High School of Graphic Arts in Manhattan submitted a false document to excuse the teacher's absences from work
December 15, 2011  
An investigation found that 44-year old Charles Oross, a teacher assigned to IS 238 in Queens, had a sexual relationship with a 13-year old female student when she attended the school.
November 30, 2011  
An investigation into financial allegations in PS 184 did not result in theft but revealed many practices that violated either Chancellor's regulation or standard operating procedures.
October 18, 2011  
An investigation revealed DOE Office of Public Affairs Executive Director Lenny Speiller caused DOE parent coordinators to promote a partisan political position
October 13, 2011
An investigation revealed that Rosa Gomez misappropriated more than $241,000 in TRS and UFT Welfare Fund Payments

September 28, 2011  
An investigation uncovered that Future Technology Associates, LLC (“FTA”) and its owners, Tamer Sevintuna and Johnathan Krohe, submitted false filings with government agencies in order to obtain and retain contracts with the DOE valued at $74 million, and committed fraud by concealing their ownership of and subcontracting arrangements with a number of companies, including a shell company they established in Turkey, and that Judith Hederman, a high-ranking DOE official, supplied confidential information to Krohe and falsely denied in sworn testimony that she had a close personal relationship with Krohe. 

Executive Summary
May 24, 2011  
An investigation found that former DOE Chief Financial Officer George Raab had an inappropriate financial relationship with three consultants while they were under contract to provide services to the DOE

April 28, 2011
A former consultant defrauded DOE out of 3.6 million dollars

April 5, 2011  
An investigation uncovered a scheme which defrauded the New York City DOE out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in custodial payroll funds.

October 21, 2010  
An investigation substantiated a former DOE teacher, Wayne Bartley, engaged in sexual relationships with students ages 13 and 14

August 25, 2010
An investigation substantiated many financial irregularities including theft from PS/MS 149 in Manhattan


August 24, 2010
An investigation found Debbie Rizzo, a school secretary assigned to Middle College High School at LaGuardia Community College in Queens, misappropriated thousands of dollars in public funds 


August 11, 2010
An investigation found Milcedes Pepin, an assistant principal assigned to A.Philip Randolh HS used "FlexiSPY" software to access email accounts of other principals


July 21 , 2010
An investigation found Maria Penaherrera, a principal formerly assigned to  PS 114 in Brooklyn, committed various financial infractions


July 20 , 2010
An investigation into a school teacher's unauthorized trip outside of the US with students during spring vacation of 2007


July 14 , 2010
An investigation into circumstances surrounding the death of Nicole Suriel, a 12-year-old female student at the Columbia Secondary School , who drowned during a class trip to Long Beach


June 22 , 2010
An investigation found Jill Schifter and Anthony Maulella defrauded the DOE out of tuition cost


June 16 , 2010
An investigation found Kostas Andrikopoulos, owner of Hara Electric, defrauded the DOE of more than a million dollars


June 3 , 2010
An investigation found Albert Attoh and others stole $644,313.69 from a DOE small payment process account at JP Morgan Chase


May 19, 2010
An investigation found that Opportunity Charter School failed to adequately supervise staff and follow school policy


March 3, 2010

An investigation found that Custodian Edwin Hendricks stole more than $29,000 in DOE funds


January 19, 2010
An investigation found that Cornelius Schulman, a computer technician, stole DOE equipment approximately worth $49,000


January 6, 2010
An investigation found that Quintin Cedeno, a DOE principal assigned to the High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture in Queens, solicited oral sex from at least 4 male students from the school.


December 1, 2009
An investigation found that Donnett Davis, a parent coordinator assigned to ACORN High School for Social Justice, used DOE telephone billing records to defraud Verizon of more than $500,000 in merchandise and other valuables.


August 19, 2009
An investigation found that DOE teacher assigned to Hostos-Lincoln Academy of Science in the Bronx inappropriately touched a number of female students ranging from 11-years-old to 17-years-old.


July 7, 2009
An investigation found that DOE Steamfitter Philip Szot ordered copper pipe and associated materials for repairs at nine schools, but diverted these materials to his own use. 


June 24, 2009
DOE Custodian Kim Tatum, assigned to PS84 in Brooklyn, created time records and other documents which falsly indicated that Dwight Beharrie was working as a cleaner at PS84


June 11, 2009
DOE Teacher assigned to Stuyvesant HS in Manhattan was arrested as a result of an investigation which found he touched at least four students in an inappropriate manner over the course of two years


May 4, 2009
An investigation found that the Executive Director of the Brooklyn Music and Art Program was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year old female DOE student


April 23, 2009
An investigation found that an assistant track coach took female students on an unauthorized trip to Dartmouth College to participate in the Dartmouth Relays


March 19, 2009
IBM subcontractor falsified payroll records relating to work in NYC schools


March 17, 2009
DOE custodian steals nearly $100,000 in DOE funds in "No Show" job scheme


March 11, 2009
Former senior procurement analyst misappropriated more than $60,000 in DOE funds between September of 2004 and January 2007


December 3, 2008
An investigation found that tampering occurred on the June 2008 Integrated Algebra Regents Examination at the High School for (" Contemporary Arts") in the Bronx


November 17, 2008
An investigation found School Aide stole more than $27,500 in DOE funds by submitting false and unauthorized reimbursement claims


October 21, 2008
An investigation found an Independent Service Provider continued to defraud DOE after being banned from doing business with the DOE


August 25, 2008
An investigation found that Professional Development Associates, Inc ("PDA") submitted four forged references to the DOE and thereby obtained a contract through which PDA billed the DOE more than 1.7 million dollars


June 25, 2008
A School Aide assigned to JHS 126 in Brooklyn engaged in a pattern of inappropriate behavior toward at least nine female students and one male


June 5, 2008
DOE Custodial Employees steal more than $60,000 in DOE funds over a period of 5 year period


May 7, 2008
A former School volunteer, Colin Leahy, assigned to PS 236 in Brooklyn was arrested and charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.  Leahy had inappropriate interaction with male students.


March 27, 2008

A math teacher, Derek Platov, assigned to IS 145 in Queens was arrested for submitting falsified Jury Duty Certificate of Service to obtain additional time off from work 


February 27, 2008
A teacher assigned to Port Richmond High School on Staten Island, Dianne Kinsella, misappropriated more than $2,000 in funds from the school's robotics program


February 12, 2008
An investigation found a DOE vendor, DynTek Inc., engaged a subcontractor to service the DOE's Instructional and Information Technology (DIIT) over a four year period in violation of its contract 


February 5, 2008

An investigation found that School Secretaries Karen Boucher and Renee Scriven, jointly and individually, siphoned more than $200,00 from Garret A. Morgan Elementary School (PS 132) in the Bronx between September 2002 and December 2005


January 3, 2008
A  non-tenured teacher made sexual and harassing comments to several 14-year old female students in the classes he was assigned to teach and as a result was arrested on the charge of endangering the welfare of a child


December 11, 2007
Lawrence Siegel, a 56-year-old retired assistant principal formerly assigned to IS 72 on Staten Island, received massages from a 12-year-old female student in his office at the school


November 19, 2007
A DOE temporary worker, Tyrone Avila, employed by TempForce submitted fraudulent timesheets enabling him to receive in excess of $50,000 pay for hours in which he did not work


October 30, 2007

An investigation found,  a 58-year-old Social Studies teacher at the Wagner, Jr. Secondary School for Arts and Technology, engaged in sexual intercourse and other sexual activities with a female student and a former male student from the school


October 9, 2007
An investigation found Theodore Smith, a DOE teacher, threatened the life of Jack Tillem, an arbitrator who was presiding at a disciplinary hearing of 27 charges of misconduct concerning Smith's assignment as  a physical education teacher


August 13, 2007
An investigation found Shango Blake, Principal of IS 109 in Queens, misappropriated $30,000 of school funds and had no reasonable explanation for not paying bills for which the money had been collected


August 7, 2007
An investigation found that  Maritza Tamayo, Principal of the Unity Center for Urban Technologies had a personal friend perform a Santeria ceremony at the school during a break when no students were in attendance


August 2, 2007

The principal of PS 91 in Brooklyn failed to report allegations of sexual abuse which came to light following the arrest of a custodial worker who later was cleared of all charges


August 1, 2007
An investigation into NYC DOE's construction of a library/resource room at the Division of School Facilities central building located in Long Island City, Queens 


July 24, 2007

A 49-year-old substitute teacher, Michael Williams, at Long Island City High School in Queens was arrested on charges of endangering the welfare of a child 


July 10, 2007

A Special Education Teacher Support Services provider doing business with the DOE submitted claims to the DOE totaling approximately $14,000 using the name of a retired male teacher who was never employed by the center 


June 26, 2007

SCI released a detailed 67 page report of an investigation into the findings of a prior investigation conducted by the NYC DOE Office of the Special Investigations ("OSI") 


April 11, 2007

A 46 year-old physical education teacher submitted false and altered documents to excuse nine days of absences from work-one of which was used to attend the sentencing of her mother, Lynne F. Stewart, at the United States District Court in Manhattan


February 28, 2007
A 55-year old school secretary assigned to Queens High School for the Sciences at York College stole more than$25,000 in DOE funds


February 14, 2007
A 40-year old Speech teacher assigned to PS138 in the Bronx, provided false address information to enroll two of her children at PS71 in the Bronx even though the the family resides in Westchester County


February 13, 2007

A 52-year-old teacher unlawfully recorded conversations between other DOE employees without their consent and wrote anonymous letters to parents urging them to lodge complaints against them


February 7, 2007
A Home Instruction Teacher received payment for claimed instruction to a student who was deceased


January 25, 2007
A 63-year-old attorney and a hearing officer at Region 1 in the Bronx, sexually harassed three female DOE employees


January 11, 2007

An investigation into allegations of financial irregularities concerning Korean language at Bronx HS Science


January 5, 2007

School aide assigned to Queens High School for Science at York College behaved inappropriately toward female students


December 21, 2006
Personnel at the High School for Youth and Community Development compromised the integrity of the june 2005 Living Environment Regents


December 12, 2006
Occupational therapist Jay Sarkar and Poonam Batra,independent contractors, submitted documents which falsely described  services provided to students


November 28, 2006
A 41-year old teacher at PS345 in Brooklyn engaged in a pattern of inappropriate behavior toward six female students raging in age from six to twelve


November 16, 2006
A self-employed Psychologist, who provided services for the DOE, falsified assessment reports for 26 special education students and received more than $10,000 in public school funds to which he was not entitled


November 14, 2006
13 New York City Department of Education custodians, vendors, and vendor employees in the purported purchase of cleaning supplies


November 9, 2006
A teacherassigned to the Acorn School for Social Justice in Brooklyn, had inappropriate interaction with two male students at the school


November 6, 2006
A teacher at Philip Randolph High School, had inappropriate relationship with a female student who was then  18 years old


October 25, 2006
An investigation found SES providers failed to adhere to its contract with the Department of Education


October 4, 2006
An investigation found a Social Studies teacher assigned to JHS 259 in Brooklyn, had an inappropriate relationship with and otherwise behaved inappropriately toward two students


September 26, 2006
Two DOE teachers submitted fraudulent medical documentation on various occasions to cover their sick days


September 21, 2006
A former DOE psychologist knowingly and wrongfully accepted and used DOE salary to which he was not entitled


September 20, 2006

Misconduct at the DOE Scan Center


August 29, 2006

DOE psychologist arrested for falsifying student evaluation documents


August 14, 2006

DOE Employee Arrested for Stealing over $100,000 in Special Education Funds


July 25, 2006

An investigation determined that Eastco and All Building engaged in collusive bidding for three building repair contract, each worth $3.3 million dollars


June 14, 2006

Low-income students who were eligible to take Advance Placement Examinations free of charge were required by their schools to pay as much as $52 per exam


June 6, 2006
A Teacher attempted to take a leave of absence without pay to cover the period of time that he would be incarcerated in New Jersey


June 5, 2006

DOE Employee stole more than $10,000 in DOE funds through a scheme by which she received reimbursement for items she never purchased or items she returned


May 11, 2006

An investigation found that Sidney Massey, a former school principal, put school children a t risk by allowing a volunteer unrestricted access to the school


May1, 2006

An investigation found a former Parent coordinator continued to receive salary payments even after she had resigned


April 24, 2006

An investigation found school personnel at PS122 in Queens compromised the integrity of the process used to determine which students were eligible for free lunch


March 7, 2006

An investigation found that certain SES providers engaged in questionable business practices in dealing with the DOE


February 14, 2006

A former Department of Education Principal and his wife, a DOE Teacher, avoid paying NYC tuition


December 12, 2005

A Teacher claimed to be on military leave and deployed to New Orleans to provide Hurricane Katrina relief when, in fact, he had traveled to Brazil for personal reasons


October 24, 2005

A payroll secretary abuses her position to defraud the DOE


September 29, 2005

A principal gives incorrect advice to parents about filling out lunch applications


August 16, 2005

A teacher worked as the New York Scandia Symphony conductor while out sick from her employment with the Department of Education


August 2, 2005

A Department of Education Employee Arrested for Sex Abuse


June 30, 2005

a teacher assigned to Benjamin Cardozo High School in Queens, claimed to be sick when, in fact, he was in Japan on a professional wrestling tour


May 3, 2005
SCI Report of an inappropriate relationship between a DOE teacher, Barry Schenker, and a 19 year old female student 


April 20, 2005

Arrested a former school aide and custodial cleaner, Carlos Osario for 13,179.51 in long distance charges on a DOE account


March 22, 2005

SCI Report of Arrested Teacher in Test Taking Scam


February 1, 2005

SCI Report of DOE Vendor and it's owner failed to pay prevailing wages and benefits which included ghost employees


January 7, 2005

SCI Report of substantiated sexual encounters between DOE Teacher and female student

SCI Report of substantiated sexual encounters between DOE School Aide and female student


December 20, 2004

SCI Report of Two DOE Aides who had sexual encounters with Students at Lehman HS in the Bronx  


December 15, 2004

SCI Report Two DOE Employees commit perjury during a suspension hearing involving a 13 yr old male student


December 2, 2004

The Second Release regarding DOE Records found in the trash  


October 14, 2004

Report on the Transportation of Disabled Public School Students by Ambulence


September 29, 2004

Former Street Academy HS Principal Mishandles Assault & Possible Sexual Abuse Compliant


September 21, 2004

Former NYC DOE Local Instructional Superintendent Arrested for Filing Forged Documents Relating to Her Credentials

August 26, 2004

Teacher Arrested for Stealing Retirement Funds from the DOE

June 29, 2004

Investigation Uncovers Time Abuse By NYC DOE Assistant Principals

April 30, 2004

SCI Investigation Uncovers Test Tampering by School District 24


March 5, 2004

Deputy Chancellor Diana Lam is Caught Helping Husband Land $100,000 Position with Education Department

February 4, 2004

SCI Investigation Report On Problems with Food Procurement within the NYC Department of Education


December 23, 2003

Investigation Uncovers The Failure of The Boys Choir of Harlem Executives to Report Allegations of Sexual Abuse Involving a Student By an Employee


June 30, 2002

Report of the Special Commissioner of Investigation for the New York City School District from September 1, 1999 to June 30, 2002 


June 28, 2002

Salesman Indicted for Bribery and Submitting False Bids in Connection with a BOE Purchase - President of Office Equipment Company Pleads Guilty to Felony Antitrust Violation and Company Agrees to pay $400,000 in Civil Penalties


August 8, 2001

Home Instruction Teacher Cheats Children Out of an Education and the Board of Education Out of Money  


July 20, 2001

Assistant Principal Found to Have History of Inappropriate Behavior with Students


June 28, 2001

Victims on Trial: The Treatment of Sex-Abuse Victims and Victims of Other Serious Crimes in Board of Education Student Suspension Hearings


June 27, 2001

Bad Advice from Chancellor's District Contributes to a Failure to Report Sex Abuse to the Police\


June 21, 2001

Doctor who lost License due to Sexual Misconduct


June 8, 2001

Failing Students Promoted


April 5, 2001

Custodian Uses NYC Board of Education Funds to Finance Personal Expenses


January 31, 2001

High School Dean Sexually Abused a 15-year-old Male Student


November 20, 2000

Dangerous Consequences: Officials at Brooklyn Technical High School Fail to Report Armed Robberies to the Police


November 15, 2000

After 14 Arrests Teacher Still Employed by the N.Y.C. B.O.E.


November 1, 2000

Hijacked On The Technology Superhighway: The Fleecing of District 29


September 21, 2000

Failure to Report Serious Allegations at IS 278/M180 Schools


August 11, 2000

Investigation Finds Additional Cheating by Educators at CESS 88 in the Bronx


May 2, 2000

Cheating Continues in City Schools


March 16, 2000

Enrollment and Attendance Manipulation at Brandeis HS


December 7, 1999


Wide Spread Educator Misconduct Reported on Standardized Test


August  1999

Blind Faith: An Investigation into the Hiring Practices for Non-B.O.E. Personnel


June 30, 1999

Riker's Island School Inflates Enrollment


April 31, 1999

Salwa Ali


April 28, 1999

B.O.E. Intern Gets Paid for Seven Years without Working


April 15, 1999

An Investigation into Community School District 14


March 2, 1999

School Administrators Mishandle Recovery of Loaded Hand Gun from 8-year old Student


February 11, 1999

CSA Contracting Corporation


January 21, 1999

Unfit Teachers Repeatedly Hired as Substitutes


December 17, 1998

B.O.E. Loses Track of 9 Year Old Later Found Murdered


June 24, 1998

How To Succeed Without Really Trying


May 1998

Selling Safety Short: The Sale of Fraudulent CPR and First Aid Certificates to HS Coaches


May 1998

Fraud and Incompetence: Why it took Two Years to Replace Four Windows at P.S. 55


April 27, 1998

Midwood High School Mishandles Investigation into Death of a School Aid Handling


March 31, 1998

The Death of Marlon Albert


April 24, 1997

An Investigation into the Latin Kings: No tolerance for Gangs in Public Schools


March 2, 1998

Investigation into the Admission Process for Michael J. Petrides School


September 9, 1997

School Mishandled Security Breach and Gang Rape


July 1997

Who's Protecting the Children? An Investigation into the Failure of P.S. 188 Personnel to Safeguard an Abused Student


April 3, 1997

Report Reveals Vote Fraud in Community School Board Election


February 2, 1997

An Investigation into Carla Lockwood's Neglect and District 6 Failure to act


December 16, 1996

Conflicts of Interest and Fraud in Community School District 12


September 9, 1996

Background Investigation into Board of Education Leased Property


June 1996

An Investigation into Misconduct in Community School District 7


March 14, 1996

Taking their Time: An Investigation into B.O.E. Custodial Employee Time Abuse


May 1996

The Consequences of Failing to Report an Improper Relationship between Teacher and Student


April 1996

Preliminary Report: Corruption in Community School District 9


November 20, 1995

An Investigation into Recruiting, Screening and Hiring Practices at the Board of Education's Division of School Safety


September 19, 1995

An Investigation into the Death of Eight-Year-Old Quentin Magee


November 11, 1994

An Investigation into the Drowning of Daniel Maracallo During the I.S. 166 Eighth Grade Trip To Dorney Park and Wild Water Kingdom


October 31, 1994

The Final Report of the Joint Commission of the Chancellor and the Special Commissioner for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse


 October 4, 1994

Corruption in the Purchasing of School and Office Supplies


September 1994

Allegations Against Executive Director of the Division of School Safety Zachary Tumin


December 1993

From Chaos to Corruption: An Investigation into the 1993 Community School Board Election


November 1993

An Investigation into the Improprieties in the C-30 Selection Process of Sharon Gordon as Principal of PS 397K


September 21 1993

An Investigation into Misconduct Relating to Pedophilia by Peter Melzer, a Teacher at Bronx HS of Science


April 29, 1993

Power, Politics and Patronage Community School District 12


April 1993

An Investigation into Allegations of Misconduct of within the Division of School Safety


December 21, 1992

A School Director is Arrested for Sexually  Abusing Teenage Student


November 12, 1992

A System Like No Other: Fraud and Misconduct by the New York City School Custodians


September 1992

Treating the Victim as the Accused: Interim Acting Principal Jewel Moolenaar's Serious Mishandling of the Complaint of a Sexually Abused Child at Community School 129X


July 1992

Private Interest Over Public Trust: An Investigation into Certain Improprieties by Leadership at the Division of School Safety


February 1992

An Investigation into the Alleged Misconduct Compromising the Integrity of the Selection of a Superintendent for Community School District 27


October 1991

An Investigation into the Sex Crime Conviction of Personnel Administrator Jerry Olshaker and the Concealment of the Conviction by the Division of Personnel


September 24, 1991

An Investigation into Allegations Regarding Andre Cadet, A Physical Education Teacher at Julia Richman HS in Manhattan


June 20, 1991

An Investigation into Allegations Regarding William Ubinas, Superintendent of the Community School District


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